From the mountains of Northern Arizona, where the southwestern wind was born, comes the sound of Burnett Family Bluegrass

This is family music at it’s best with hard driving instrumentals and fine-tuned harmonies.  The intricate breaks show a deep understanding about intimate musical detail that skyrocket them from good to outstanding in the field of Bluegrass. After winning the coveted 2004 Telluride Bluegrass Festival band competition, the family was hand-selected by the International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) for a command performance in Nashville, TN.  They were showcased at the 2005 IBMA convention held at the end of October. Burnett Family Bluegrass has proven themselves to be one of the up-and-coming bands on the Bluegrass fast track.

“Burnett Family Bluegrass, a national award winning, all-family bluegrass band, began in 1993.  The band consists of Brian (dad), Connie (mom), daughters Rachel and Jessie and son, Ryan.  Burnett’s are based out of Flagstaff and the Arizona Republic newspaper said Burnett Family Bluegrass is an “Arizona favorite”.  The group weaves their multi-instrumental ultra-talents with the genetically tuned vocal chords that produce those sweet, familial, DNA blended harmonies.  The band won the coveted first prize in the Telluride national band competition, in 2004, when Ryan was 14.  This summer marks 19 years of musical entertainment for Burnett Family Bluegrass.

Brian and Connie provide the bombastic beat on guitar and acoustic bass that drives the band.  Brian sings lead and harmony vocals and also plays mandolin.  Connie sings harmony vocals and is the main songwriter of the group.  Daughter Rachel plays a fine, five-string fiddle and her soul filled songs shine like a light in darkness.  She has fascinated audiences with her powerful voice, since she was 2.  Rachel’s vocal lead is perfectly complimented by her little sister, Jessie, who plays a multitude of acoustic instruments.  The shy one of the bunch, every note is placed carefully and specifically by her perfection-seeking spirit.  Jessie’s boundless talent, in all factions of music, magnifies and illuminates her little brother, Ryan.  Ryan began his musical journey at age 3, on the fiddle, just like his three older sisters, in Suzuki violin at NAU.  He started serious attention to banjo at age 10 and had a few private sessions with well-known banjoist, Bela Fleck.  He plays fiddle, banjo, acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin and sings harmony vocals.  Ryan’s lightning-inspired banjo breaks bring amazement to the delighted audience.  After putting in many years of dedicated practice, Ryan shines with a brilliancy that is all his own.

That’s why they say Burnett Family Bluegrass is a rare and sparkling gem in the field of Bluegrass.  Don’t miss this talented family!”

Courtesy of Arizona Highways TV

Theirs is the type of bluegrass that wins over new converts. Also, anyone even tangentially familiar with bluegrass  feels comfortable right away.”
Ryan Heinsius – Flag LIVE! 2005